Short Shows

The Arresting Detective: An Appreciation Roast

Detective party crasher interactive fun"Detective" crashes the event and "breaks up" the party and "arrests" individually 10-12 of your participants, puts them on trial, asks for testimonials from the other guests. Detective utilizes information about guests, the meeting and more. Detective brings wanted posters, small gifts based on the interests of the guests, certificates and more. Interactive fun and mayhem reigns as the detective grills each "suspect." The more we know about the group, the more fun it will be. Very interactive. Great for retirement parties, anniversaries, new employee events and meetings.

Wacky Admin

Wacky Admin arrives at your party to join your staff. She has done her "research" on many of your guests, and offers them small gifts (based on our knowledge of the recipients) as bribes to be hired. Wacky Admin utilizes information about guests, the organization, your teambuilding goals and objectives. Creative customized and interactive.

Party Personalities

flapper party personalities(Selection not limited to this list)

*NEW* "Chef Bon Vivant" provides interaction, facilitates humor and dispenses great cooking tips while your guests prepare a meal. Add pizzazz and laughter to your cooking event. Chef Bon Vivant partners with Cooking Schools, Caterers and Home Chefs!

Scoop, a sensational reporter, roams the party sharing historical facts and tidbits about the Client as well as getting the "scoop" on guests.

Vineyard Owner who wants to partner with the Client Company to market a new "Client" wine. Regales group with his knowledge of wine.

Fortune Teller dispenses positive, humorous and resourceful futures through palm reading, drink reading, and the like.

World Famous Magician in tuxedo, top hat does close-up magic involving and intriguing guests.

Beatnik(s) in 60's Hippie Garb wander the room reminiscing about Haight-Ashbury, etc.

Uninvited Floozy comes to the party to hobnob with the best in the business.

Murder on the Menu will perform at the location of your choice.
Groups from 5 to 300!


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