Hollywood Casting Call

actors teambuilding excitement

With visions of Hollywood Oscars, teams audition for a box office hit. Participants are randomly chosen and given a film theme and a selection of costumes, appropriate props and scripts. Audition "scripts" are written to incorporate key company jargon and issues. These scripts are sure to deliver your corporate message in a wacky work related way. Movie themes might include: "Star Trek," Film Noir, Western Cowboy, Chick Flick, Sports Film.

Actors facilitate this event as "Directors." Also provided is a large prop box from which participants can select items and costumes to enhance their performance. Musical accompaniment, Oscar awards and more.

This event is exciting, stimulating and fun and involves creative problem solving, interaction and company jargon and values.

This is an interactive theatre event like no other. Your participants "audition" for that great role and become the "stars" of the evening. For each audition and script, Oscars are awarded for best actor, best actress, most creative role interpretation.

Murder on the Menu provides actors to facilitate; Audio/Visual with microphones, spotlight, soundboard and speakers; costumes and hats and other props; Keyboardist and Keyboard; customized scripts for your "participant/actors," "Oscars" and more!

Anywhere in the world. Groups of 5 to 500.

Murder on the Menu will perform at the location of your choice.
Groups from 5 to 500!


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