Other Interactive Entertainment

party personality charactersAdd dynamic excitement to your next celebration and spark up your meeting with interactive costumed characters.

Surprise characters infuse your meeting or special event, triggering active participation and reinforcing your company goals.


Our talent will weave a memorable evening and provide:

arrow positive interaction among guests through humor and intrigue
arrow a creative focus on the guests' interests
arrow a rewarding spontaneity which will break down barriers
arrow engaging conversation that promotes conviviality
arrow common situations to reinforce new business relationships
arrow an engaging opportunity to enliven and gather together unfamiliar guests
arrow a safe and comfortable atmosphere for guests to share ideas and thoughts

The combined interaction of our talent and the guests will make the party sparkle and shine!

All actors will be familiar with the client, the meeting, goals and agenda and will incorporate information about them and the location in an ingenious interaction throughout the reception and/or dinner. Fully costumed characters will interact with guests. Information about the guests and company will be included to personalize the interaction and "hook" the guests.

"Surprise" Characters infuse the reception, setting the tone, reinforcing company goals, enhancing the evening, while challenging and entertaining the guests.

POSSIBLE PARTY PERSONALITIES (Selection not limited to this list):

*NEW* "Chef Bon Vivant" provides interaction, facilitates humor and dispenses great cooking tips while your guests prepare a meal. Add pizzazz and laughter to your cooking event. Chef Bon Vivant partners with Cooking Schools, Caterers and Home Chefs!

Scoop, a sensational reporter, roams the party sharing historical facts and tidbits about Client as well as getting the "scoop" on guests.

fun party charactersVineyard Owner who wants to partner with Client Company to market a new "Client" wine. Regales group with his knowledge of wine.

Fortune Teller dispenses positive, humorous and resourceful futures through palm reading, drink reading, and the like.

World Famous Magician in tuxedo, top hat does close-up magic involving and intriguing guests.

Beatnik(s) in 60's Hippie Garb wander the room reminiscing about Haight-Ashbury, etc.

Uninvited Floozy comes to the party to hobnob with the best in the business.

"Wacky" Admin who wants to work for the company

Gate Crashing Lounge Lizard



santa claus teambuildingBritish "Rock" Star crashes the party. Writes and composes several songs about Client and guests in attendance. Interactive character also elicits information from the group, encouraging them to join in song.

Detective Roast: Detective "arrests" the seniormost person at the meeting, and utilizes information about the guests and the past year to work the crowd.

Singing Santa: Santa Claus crashes the party. Santa writes and sings several songs about the client and the guests in attendance. Interactive character also elicits information from the group, encouraging them to join him in song.

Murder on the Menu will perform at the location of your choice.
Groups from 5 to 300!


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